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Jesuits in Przegorzaly - History


The first mention of the stay of Jesuit in Przegorzaly on so-called "Great holiday" comes from May 5, 1881: "has long felt a lack of villas for our college, then we were going to a trip to Silver Hill (Bielany), which was not easy because of too great a distance. This difficulty was resolved by renting  house in the village suburban (Przegorzały) in distance of one hour drive from the city and to adapt our service, the various necessary and useful things were given. Then, May 5 we took happily in the use of a new villa".

In the year 1888 from the College of Krakow Jesuits bought property in Przegorzaly, and in 1890 it was decided at the same time expanding the villa and construction of the first chapel. For the work was responsible Stanislav Krzyżanowski. During the period from 1888 to 1950, possession of Jesuits in Przegorzały passes in different fortunes. Jesuits lived in the villa only temporarily in the so-called "Great holiday" and during the retreat. Many times during the year Publisher Apostolate of Prayer spent day holiday villas for their employees, so the laity and clergy, and the meeting of writers and professors. During the war (1940-1941) Jesuit property was intended to guard (worth) governor Dr. Wachtera Otto, and later lived in it, supposedly mechanics and workers from the water.

During the construction of the castle in Przegorzaly (large building next to the villa Bohusz-Szyszko) lived in the villa “junacy” from Building School so-called "Baudienst". By the end of the war rooms were occupied by German officers. After the war Samopomoc Chłopska in Przegorzaly took the rooms. In a letter of 5 February 1949 Samopomoc Chlopska decided the rooms to be the villa kindergarten, a library and resting room.

In spring 1949, as the initiative of inhabitants of Przegorzaly on the veranda began celebrate May prayers: "They put on the veranda a provisional altar with figure of Mary Immaculate Conception. Residents of Przegorzaly decorated an altar with flowers and the whole evening of May they pray Loretan Prayer and Marian songs. In the first days of June arranged a provisional chapel in the corner room with three windows on the balcony so everyone could see the altar from weranda and take part in the devotion ... Renewed or two rooms in the attic for a priest and brother. Since June 1949, began on Sundays and holidays, and the first Friday say Masses ... One of the priests used to came mostly with his brother Stanislaw from college in Krakow. "

Since 1532 residents of Przegorzał were signed in the books of the Parish Office in Sacred Salvatore.

In 1949, Fr. Canon Wladyslaw Dlugosz - the parish priest at Sacred Salvatore Zwierzyńcu proposed the creation of the parish in Przegorzaly. During the period from VIII-X 1949, started the construction of the second chapel (upgrade already existing), which the designer and contractor was Wladyslaw Stupnicki.

April 16, 1950 a parish office was established on Przegorzaly.


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