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Parish - History of parish

In April 16, 1950 by a decree signed by Cardinal Adam Sapieha the parish was estabvlished.

The first pastor was appointed Fr. Stanislaw Bak.
Four months later - August 13, 1950, the flag dedication was held with the image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Lord Jesus, and dedication was made Fr. Infułat Ferdinand Machay. For renewed altar in the chapel of Dr. Maria Spiss gave in 1952 oil painting were painted by Joseph Unierzyski (professor of the Academy of Fine Arts, disciple and son-in-law Jan Matejko). This picture will hang in the main altar of the chapel by the year 1967.

In 1967 started the third rebuilding the chapel. The initiator was the current pastor, Fr. Stanislaw Bak, and after his departure this project is realized, Fr. Marian Kuśmierz, whose position on the Vicar ekonoma parish in Przegorzaly appointed by then Cardinal Karol Wojtyla. The author of the project was an artist Victor Ostrzołek, his stained-glass windows are in the chapel windows depicting the Crucifixion, the Last Supper, Sacrifice and Izzaka Sacrifice Melchizedeka.
Cross missionary located next to the main entrance to the church was dedicated on 22.09.1968 It is the second cross, stood in the first place in the years 1950-1968.

The fourth extension and upgrading of the building OO. Jesuit designed by Wojciech Pietraszewski was carried out in the period 1970 - 1973, and its final appearance and design is the work of marriage Helena and Roman Husarskich - artists, residents Przegorzał and their daughter Joanna Husarskiej-Chmielarz and her husband Adam.

In 1986 a parish established in at Bielany significantly decreased the number of faithful in the parish of Christ the King. Currently, the parish has about 900 people.

Administrators of parish:
Stanisław Bąk 1950-1967
Marian Kuśmierz 1967-1974
Józef Olejarski 1974-1986
Stanisław Piotrowski 1986-1992
Leszek Balczewski 1992-1994
Piotr Blajerowski 1994-1996
Tadeusz Loska 1996-2001
Stanisław Mrozek 2001-2004
Antoni Mencel 2004-2008
Andrzej Hajduk 2008-2016                                                                                               Stanisław Data 2016-

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